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Our Animal Dental Services in Morristown

Medical Examination
An animal's dental hygiene is more important than many people realize. Bad dental health can cause bad breath, gingivitis, abscess teeth and even death. Being proactive about your pet's oral health can ensure not only pearly whites, but a longer, happier life for your animal companion.

In-Depth Dental Services for Your Pet

Routine Dental Care

We'll clean your pet's teeth and alert you to any potential or current dental issues, such as gingivitis.

Dental X-Rays

To get a complete glimpse into your pet's mouth, we provide dental x-rays to examine for defects, cavities and other potential issues.


For many dental procedures, we provide anesthesia to ensure that the animal is not anxious or struggling.

Oral Surgery

When your pet suffers from tooth fractures, abscess teeth, tumors or palatal defects, oral surgery is often necessary. Our skilled vets will provide quality care to ensure your pet's mouth is corrected.

Periodontal Disease

This is one of the most common dental diseases in most household pets. If your pet is showing signs, then our vets can help reverse any damage and educate you on how to help your pet.

Dental Crowns

Does your pet require a crown for its tooth? We can provide quality crowns to help your pet's teeth stay strong.

Root Canals

Has your pet seems like he or she was in pain lately? Have you noticed any sensitive teeth? Your pet might need a root canal.

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