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24-Hour Emergency Pet Care
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Your Trusted Pet Care Providers in Morristown

Medical Examination
A dog waving its paws for a tummy rub. A kitten meowing for milk. A horse nudging you for a cube of sugar. Those are the moments you live for with your animals.
And when your animals fall sick, you want to give them the best care possible. So do we.
At Appalachian Animal Hospital in Morristown, TN, our full spectrum of pet care services allows you to give your beloved companion—whether it is a cat, dog, horse or monkey—the care it deserves.

A Range of Services for Your Faithful Companion

24-Hour Emergency Services

Annual Checkups and Emergency Care

Stay in the know about your pet's well-being with annual checkups. If you have an emergency, we're also happy to help.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Animals have soft tissue surgery when they have issues not relating to bones or joints. This includes spaying, neutering and abdominal procedures.

Orthopedic Surgery

When your pet's bones, joints or muscles are affected by injury, orthopedic surgery is often necessary.

Nutritional Health

We offer pet diet evaluation, nutrition education and more.

Well Visits/Health Maintenance

Even if your pet isn't sick or injured, you should never neglect their well-being. Routine check-ups can alert you to potential issues or things to watch for.

Grooming, Bathing & Dipping

A smelly pet can stink up your home. Bring in your animal companion for a well-deserved bath and grooming session.

Reproductive Services

Is your pet expecting? Are you thinking of breeding? Talk to our veterinarians today about how to best help your pet.

Dental Services

From routine teeth cleanings to tooth removal, your pet's dental health is something we take seriously.

Laser Surgery, Ultrasound & Endoscopic Procedures

Procedures shouldn't have to be painful. With our state-of-the-art laser surgery, ultrasound and endoscopic procedures, we can help your pet without causing excessive pain.

Allergy Testing

Is your pet sneezing a lot? It might have allergies. Bring in your pet for in-depth allergy testing.

Vacation Accommodations

Does your animal need a shot to be boarded or go on vacation? We can help.

Free Pet Exams with Annual Vaccinations

Keep your pet healthy and up-to-date on its shots with annual vaccinations.

Full Line of Purina and Science Diet Products

Feed your pet veterinarian-preferred food and give him or her the best nutritional meal possible.

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Appalachian Animal Hospital helps to give your pet a quality life. Call us today to schedule your appointment or for more information.